Instruments for Testing High Voltage Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breaker Analysers are used to measure the operating characteristics of circuit breakers including tripping and closing times, contact bounce, closing and opening coil currents and circuit breaker motion.
All of the circuit breaker analysers we offer are of the highest quality and are capable of performing a range of tests. For example, The Megger EGIL circuit breaker tester is a well known and easy to use instrument with an automatic timer and trip/close current analysers for medium and high voltage circuit breakers, ideal for use on circuit breakers where there’s one contact per phase, the contact times are recorded for the main contact, pre-insertion resistor contact and auxiliary contacts. The Megger EGIL can also be controlled through a PC via the use of CABA Win software, so you can ensure accurate measurements.
The simple, menu-driven operation makes testing simple for your technicians, and you can monitor the state of the circuit breaker (open or closed), while the sequencer automatically sets the instrument for the next sequence of operation. On-site set up is simple with the ready-made cable sets for main and auxiliary contacts. Coil currents are automatically measured and are presented with other readings immediately after testing.
We also offer the B10E Power Supply Unit as an accessory to the EGIL to allow minimum pickup and under voltage tests.
At Brandis Hire, we offer circuit breaker analysers and equipment that makes it possible to perform simple, safe and reliable circuit breaker testing.

Quality Circuit Breaker Analyser Testing

Circuit breaker analysis is vital for the safe operation of your site. When a protective relay detects a fault such as an overload or a short circuit, a trip signal is sent to the circuit breaker. Regular and consistent testing is vital in ensuring that your circuit breaker is functioning correctly and your circuit breaker must interrupt the current as swiftly as possible, otherwise considerable damage can occur. Indeed, the damage that can result from a malfunctioning circuit breaker may be catastrophic, resulting in substantial damage.
When you perform circuit breaker testing with our CB analysers, you are helping to ensure you are protecting your business and your personnel. In many instances, a circuit breaker may be inactive for many months or even years before there is a fault, however when required to act, it must do so in the shortest possible time. It’s imperative that regular circuit breaker testing is taking place to ensure that correct operation and safety is a focus. A poorly maintained circuit breaker may not adequately isolate a faulty circuit, causing potentially wide-reaching damage to plant and danger to personnel.
The testing of your circuit breakers can often be complex and can vary between different types of circuit breakers, so we are happy to guide you through the process and help select the appropriate circuit breaker analyser for your site.

Where to Hire Circuit Breaker Analysers

We offer circuit breaker tester technology so you can test and check your circuit breakers safely. We offer ongoing technical advice and support and can even provide on-site training if you need guidance on using our equipment correctly. We’re dedicated to hiring quality equipment you can trust, at prices that will suit your budget.
Take a look at our circuit breaker analyser rates to find out more, and to work out the dates of your hire. It’s possible to order online and make payment for fast delivery once you have registered for an account.
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All equipment is supplied with a calibration certificate ("if Applicable"), tested & checked before we dispatch it and transported in a heavy duty transport case.