Current Clamp Meters and Instruments
Basic and advanced Clamp Meters for measuring all types of electrical signals.
Clamp Meters are electrical test instruments that can be used to measure a range of electrical quantities. Basic instruments can measure AC current, however specialised instruments measure DC Current, Voltage, Power Factor, Harmonics, Watts, VAR’s and much more.
Current measurement is done by simply by clamping the instrument’s “jaws” around the conductor, allowing the measurement without “breaking into” a circuit. Measurement of voltage, harmonics and power factor and more can be done by connecting probes or clips to the circuit. Many instruments have an output function, which can be connected to a data logger or chart recorder to allow long term capture of data or further analysis.  
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All equipment is supplied with a calibration certificate ("if Applicable"), tested & checked before we dispatch it and transported in a heavy duty transport case.