Basic and advanced instruments for all your CT testing needs

Our CT test equipment range is ideal for testing and measuring any type of CT for correct operation. CT test instruments are used for testing new, existing, or refurbished CTs to ensure they are operating correctly and accurately.
Basic instruments can measure ratio and polarity only, however more advanced instruments can be used to automatically test the current transformer parameters including:
• Ratio accuracy
• The phase angle between primary and secondary
• CT magnetisation curve (excitation and saturation)
• CT burden impedance
• Winding resistance
• CT polarity
Our CT test equipment works to determine the relevant current transformer values automatically and compares the results with the pre-selected standard. You will be able to assess the current transformer in seconds with just the push of a button.
Our CT test instruments provide the highest measurement accuracy in a lightweight device, perfect for on-site testing. You will be able to automatically evaluate according to IEC and IEEE standards, ensuring accurate and meaningful results at all times.
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CT Test Instruments and Equipment

Current transformers are used in metering and relaying for electrical power systems, connecting high power on the primary side to protection and metering on the secondary side. Depending on the application for your current transformer, the design will vary, which means it’s important to identify the right current transformer test equipment for your application.
Your current transformer is used to feed protective relays and metering systems so it’s important that your CT is accurate in all required operating scenarios. If there is a failure of the CT itself, it can lead to the misoperation of your relay or inaccurate measurement of energy. This, in turn, can lead to costly outages or incorrect billing for energy consumed which can be avoided with regular testing.
The CT test equipment from Brandis Hire offers an easy and complete solution for testing, protecting and metering CTs according to IEEE and IEC standards.

Hire CT Test Equipment with Brandis Hire

We’re based in Brisbane but supply current transformer test equipment to a range of customers Australia-wide. You will be able to test across a wide range of measurements including ratio and phase angle accuracy, winding resistance, burden impedance, residual magnetism and more.
If you need technical assistance and training in using the CT test equipment that we offer, we can help you and can even provide trained personnel for your project through our sister company, Brandis Industries. Our CT test devices are mobile, which means that your test engineers can easily carry out site tests. Our CT test devices are also accurate and provide powerful reporting that allows for easy creation of professional reports. We offer safe and tested devices and are committed to ensuring that you can get the job done safely and efficiently every time.
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All equipment is supplied with a calibration certificate ("if Applicable"), tested & checked before we dispatch it and transported in a heavy duty transport case.