VLF testers for high voltage cables

High voltage cables are used extensively in providing a safe, reliable means of interconnection for electrical equipment. High voltage cables need to be properly tested before initial energising, to ensure they are safe, operate correctly and are properly connected to other equipment in the installation. Periodic maintenance tests are also very important to ensure ongoing safe and reliable operation and a Very Low Frequency (VLF) test instrument is a vital tool in performing both commissioning and maintenance tests.
All of the VLF test instruments we offer are capable of performing a range of quality tests for your field or site work testing. For example, the HVA60 VLF tester is a well-known and easy to use tester designed to make testing your site simple. All test results are displayed and recorded so you can track your tests. The HVA60 VLF tester is lightweight and durable which means you can take it out in the field and perform the tests you need for compliance and safe operation.
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HV Test Systems

We have only the best quality equipment available for hire – and all the equipment we have available is tested and checked prior to being dispatched to you. Our HV test systems are highly portable, light and compact, so you can test wherever you need to. The lightness and durability of the VLF testers is important – especially when you are performing field testing and in places where conserving space and weight are particularly important.
The HVA60 VLF offers variable frequency output for testing HV cables and switchgear. You can even select dual polarity or sheath testing output modes.
When it comes to recording your tests, you can rest assured that the HV test systems from Brandis Hire records all test voltages, capacitances, resistance and times. You can program your HV test system to run in either automatic or manual mode, depending on what you are after.

Your VLF Test Instruments from Brandis Hire

A VLF tester can be used in a variety of useful ways, including:

  • Apply VLF to power cables and detect faults in cables during a planned outage. Importantly, your cables must withstand AC voltage for a specified testing time without flashover.
  • Apply VLF to XLPE cables in withstand testing, where a diagnostic measurement is generated before and during the withstand test.
  • Apply your VLF to measure losses in insulation at different frequencies – typically between 0.01 Hz to 0.1 Hz.
  • Measure and detect partial discharge at different VLF frequencies.

Withstand Testing

High voltage withstand testing can be used in conjunction with partial discharge measurements on solid dielectric cable and accessories within manufacturing plants. This testing is done to measure and ensure the quality of completed cable system components from MV to EHV.
It is common for utilities to use withstand and partial discharge testing to commission and maintain cable systems in the field. A withstand test can be carried out using a range of voltage sources, from DC through to 300 Hz and can be performed using our VLF testers.
Where to Hire VLF Testers
We offer VLF test instruments for hire so that you can test and measure what you need to on site or in the field. We also offer technical advice and ongoing support if you need guidance to ensure you are testing safely.
Take a look at our VLF tester rates and work out the dates of your hire period for a completely catch-free breakdown of your costs. If you need a VLF tester for longer, we can offer long-term hire. You can even order and pay online once you have registered for an account.

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