0-150V 16A DC SUPPLY

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DC Programmable Power Supply is a variable DC power supply ranging from 0-150VDC and capable of supplying load of up to 16A.
Suitable for Laboratory, Field and R&D uses, the GEN2.4KW offers state of the art design and RS232 and RS485 programming, plus many other features.

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TDK Lambda GEN2_4kW Manual

Advanced Digital Varible DC Power Supply with extended features and parallel operation capability

  • Highest power density 2400W available in 1U size.
  • Output voltage up to 150VDC, Output current up to 16A.
  • Built in RS323/RS485 Interface (optional GPIB)
  • Miniaturization with heat dissipation design.
  • Front panel will intake the air and release it through the back panel makes stacking is possible.
  • Built-in 16 bit high resolution A/D D/A converter.
  • Last Setting Memory. The last setting will be saved after the power is OFF. There is unessecary to do resetting again during swicth on.
  • Parallel operation with active current sharing
Standard Accessories Transport Case, User Manual
Voltage Output DC 0-150V
Current DC 0-16A
Input voltage 170~265VAC  (47~63Hz)
Dimensions W=423mm H=44mm D=442.5mm
Weight  10kg

Additional information

Weight 17.5 kg
Dimensions 63 x 53 x 15 cm


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