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All equipment is supplied with a calibration certificate ("if Applicable"), tested & checked before we dispatch it and transported in a heavy duty transport case.


Features • Fail-safe sequential disconnection of

current, voltage and trip circuits when the

test-plug handle is inserted.

  • Latching feature when the test-plug handle

is withdrawn allowing the relay to stabilize

with service values before the trip circuits

are restored. This prevents inadvertent tripping.

  • Complete isolation of secondary instrument

transformer circuits.

  • Trip-block plug which isolates a trip circuit

without interrupting other circuits, allowing

the trip output to be monitored, and also

provides visual indication of an isolated trip


  • Block-plug handle which disconnects all

circuits routed through the test switch.

  • Ammeter test-plug with local automatic

short-circuiting device in case of inadvertent

opening of a CT circuit.

  • Auxiliary station power supply made

available for test equipment.

  • Extension bases which facilitate

measurement and adjustment of plug-in

module circuits.


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