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  • Made in Australia
  • Manoeuveable and Transportable
  • Designed for Rugged Use
  • Fitted with Wheels for Ease of Placement

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Cable Jack Stands 2T User Manual

Cable stands used for lifting or holding cable drums off the ground for installation of underground power cables, conductors, wire, coaxial cable, etc. The cable drum is moved, rolled or lifted into position and then jacked up using an integrated screw jack system.

Suitable for handling cable drums up to 1.6m diameter and proof tested to 4 tonnes.

Will handle cable or rope drums up to a diameter of 1.6m (without chocking)
Load tested to 4 tonnes (per pair) by a NATA approved facility.

The unit comes supplied in four parts, being 2 x scissor lift supports and 2 x axles (one for the drum itself and the other for use as a spreader bar for stability)
Cable Jacking Stands can be flattened for easy storage and transport and also have wheels and handles fitted to allow easy manoeuvring on site.

Portable and easy to operate, compact design allows easy storage

Works well on uneven or sloping ground

Standard Accessories Axles x 2, Retaining Collars x 2, Wooden Transport Crate
Maximum Drum Diameter (without chocking) 1.6m
Maximum Drum Width (max axle length between stands) 2.0m
Load Rating 4000kg

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 120 x 80 x 50 cm


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