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Temporary earthing systems for HV equipment. Designed to be applied between earth connections and any point on an overhead network that is required to be earthed in order to create a safe working zone.

Available: 2 x 3 Phase Kits

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All equipment is supplied with a calibration certificate ("if Applicable"), tested & checked before we dispatch it and transported in a heavy duty transport case.


CATU Earthing for Safety

Snap on clamp earth sets are used to provide temporary earthing of HV electrical equipment and overhead lines.

Each CATU Earth Kit contains:

  • 3 x 10M long earth leads (one earth lead per phase, allowing connection to a common earth point on site (i.e. approved structure or earth rod),
  • An applicator head for applying earths. Used with a HV operating stick (supplied separately) and connected via sunrise fitting.
  • An Earth removal “spiral” fitting for removing earths.¬†Used with a HV operating stick (supplied separately) and connected via sunrise fitting.

Nothing could be more important to safety for electrical workers than the effectiveness of their personal earthing systems.

CATU devices reduce the risk of back strain or other repetitive strain injuries by using light weight aluminium cable.

A unique feature of the CATU range is the spring-loaded snap-on clamp which significantly reduces the time needed to attach the earths. This combined with light-weight aluminum cables to reduce the lifting weight makes them easy to use, very light weight and as a result a popular choice for linemen.

Standard Accessories Applicator Head “Sunrise” Type, Spiral Removal Tool “Sunrise” Type, Vinyl Carry Bag
Cable Length 10m
Number Earths in kit 3
Rated Fault Current 25kA/0.5 sec
Conductor CSA 130mm
Conductor Type Aluminium
Earthing Head CATU “snap on” type
Ground connection Screw Clamp

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 60 x 70 x 25 cm


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