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Simple to use CB Analyser for testing HV Circuit Breakers

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Megger EGIL Datasheet

The EGIL is an automatic timer and trip/close current analyser for medium- and high-voltage substation circuit breakers. It is ideal for use on HV circuit breakers with one contact per phase. The EGIL incorporates features commonly found on more complex test systems, but is designed to be smaller, simpler to use and less expensive than other similar test sets.

It is an ideal supplementary product for maintenance departments at larger power companies and for testing contractors.

Standard Accessories HV Contact Timing Connection Leads, Auxiliary Contact Timing Connection Leads, Extension cable, Earth cable, Power Supply lead and Transport case
Power Supply 230VAC mains supply
Breaker Test Sequences  C, O, C-O, O-C, O-C-O
Measurement Time 1s to 100s
Measurement Resolution 0.1 to 10ms
No of Channels 3 with common ground
No of Aux Channels 2 Galvanically Isolated

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 49 x 40 x 21 cm


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