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Electrical Arc Flash testing accessory for the Omicron CMC range of instruments.

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ARC256x Manual

Arc flash protection systems are designed to detect arcs which occur during short-circuits in switchgear and to minimize the potential hazard to personnel and equipment by reducing the time of occurrence and disrupting the flow of energy feeding the arc flash.

For testing such systems, the ARC 256x Arc Flash Initiator simulates an arc by a xenon tube, very similar to a camera flash. This CMC accessory is positioned close to the arc flash sensor during testing. Via its 6 m (19.7 ft) long connection cable it is connected to the external interface socket of the CMC test set, which provides both the supply voltage as well as the signal that will trigger the flash.

Standard Accessories Transport case, User manual
Power Supply Supplied from CMC test Istrument
Dimensions (w x h x d) 40 x 20 x 80 mm
Weight 215 g)
Cable Length 6m


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 21 x 17 x 9 cm


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